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French President Emmanuel Macron announces mandatory vaccination for healthcare workers last Monday night. You will also need a “Health Pass” to go to the pub or restaurant. Photo taken off France24 channel

Following a national television broadcast Monday 12 July 2021 at 8 PM by Emmanuel Macron, a record number of French people have booked appointments to be vaccinated against Covid.

The French President announced that from next month August, anyone wanting to go out to eat or drink, take a long-distance train, or visit a shopping mall will need to show either proof of having been vaccinated or a negative test.

The so-called “Health Pass” will also be needed to attend a festival,  theatre show, or cinema.

Macron’s strategy had an immediate effect.

A record 20,000 appointments were taken every minute following the broadcast. By the end of Monday night a total of 926,000 people had booked their first jab.

Macron also announced mandatory vaccinations for healthcare staff, retirement home workers, and others working with vulnerable people from September. Covid tests, currently free, will also have to be paid for from September.

Also, from September, unvaccinated  healthcare staff would not be allowed to work and would not be paid.

Around 35.5 million people – just over half of France’s population – have received at least one vaccine dose so far.

‘We need to head towards vaccinating every French person because it’s the only way of returning to a normal way of life. The idea of making vaccination mandatory for everyone would need to be studied,’ Emmanuel Macron said.

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