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Entente Cordiale

Wines of the Day Last Saturday, 8 June 2019, I hosted dinner for two friends who were visiting Singapore. I have known Pascal Jolivet for some 30 years and who first visited Singapore around that time. Although he started in wine as a merchant, Pascal created his own brand and …

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The Emperor’s Breakfast • Yechun Teahouse • Yangzhou

Yechun Teahouse • Yangzhou ?广陵区丰乐上街8号(近西园饭店)    ?86 514 8736 8018 Yangzhou was a favourite of Qianlong (1711 – 1799). The Manchu emperor visited the city six times in his southern expeditions. This was before the age of motor travel and aeroplanes. The distance between Beijing and Yangzhou was some 800 …

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