Singapore Government • Please Enlighten


Treated better than Singaporeans and residents


Would the Singapore Government be so kind to enlighten why:

  • Un-Vaccinated Chinese, Australian, New Zealand visitors can arrive to Singapore, do a PCR swab test and – within 24 hours – if negative, can roam throughout Singapore freely?
  • Vaccinated Singaporeans and residents – the vaccination administered by you – upon returning from another country, have to quarantine for 21 days in a hotel and pay S$3,000 (€1,900)?
  • You treat Chinese, Australians and New Zealanders more deferentially than Singaporeans and residents who have subjected ourselves to your vaccination programme?
  • You don’t trust your own vaccination programme?
  • You trust unvaccinated visitors?
  • We should even bother getting vaccinated?
  • You treat us like refugees and third-rate aliens in our own country?

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