Shenjiu Chen Xiang Wins Patent


“King of Abalone” YEUNG Koon Yat (left) being presented with a bottle of Shenjiu Chen Xiang by 22nd Generation SHEN Honglin at Forum 1977 Restaurant, Hong Kong.

CONGRATULATIONS to the Shen Family of Shenjiu for being awarded with a patent for their Chen Xiang baijiu. Not only the product but also the jiu qu used to ferment the spirit, and the production process itself.

Based in Luzhou, Sichuan Province, the Shen Family has been making baijiu for more than 600 years. (Luzhou is 250 km south-east of Chengdu).

The Shens are like the Antinoris of Tuscany who have been growing grapes and making wine since 1385.

Shenjiu Distillery is located in Luzhou, about 250 km south-east of Chengdu.

The water used to produce Shenjiu comes from wells and springs of pristine quality.

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Although the family had been making baijiu much earlier, it was during the reign of the Qing Emperor Kangxi (1654 – 1722) that Shen Shi Hui established “沈酒坊” or Shen Distillery. The water used to produce the baijiu came from a famous well called “龙泉井” which can be translated as “Source of the Dragon”.

Today, 22nd generation Shen Honglin is in charge of the family enterprise.

Shen Honglin built an entire township called “Shenjiu Village” around the distillery, providing employment and free housing to 36 families. Male members usually work in the distillery while their female counterparts grow and cultivate the grains needed for baijiu production.

Shen Honglin has also constructed roads leading up to the village and also conserved places of worship in the area. He has also built schools so that families who work and live in Shen Family Village can further their children’s education. The families are also encouraged to set up shops within the township in order to sell necessities and other goods to the other families. Each week, a complimentary bus takes all of them (if they so wish) to a nearby city.

Shenjiu produces five different types of baijiu categorised by their aroma or xiang


The spirit is aged in a cave that stretches five kilometres.

Shenjiu Chen Xiang was launched to the Chinese baijiu world on 22 March 2017.


Shenjiu Chen Xiang is awarded a patent.

The top baijiu is Chen Xiang, a unique Shenjiu creation.

So special is Chen Xiang that it actually comprises three aromas: Sauce, Strong, and Light.

Chen Xiang was launched to the world on 22 March 2017 in Chengdu. And has since garnered a loyal, connoisseur following.

It’s no wonder therefor that Shenjiu Chen Xiang has been awarded a patent recognising its unique characteristics.

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