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The Riedel showcase, Household Department, Basement 1, Takashimaya, Ngee Ann City

Riedel is the name wine aficionados immediately think of when pouring wine into glasses and decanters.

The company was established by Johann Leopold Riedel in Bohemia in 1756, the same year Mozart was born.

This year, Riedel celebrates 265 years of glassware excellence.

Fast forward, Maximilian Josef Riedel started working for his family-owned company when just 20 years young in 1977.

When he was 25, Maximilian Riedel became CEO of Riedel Crystal America. The 11thgeneration scion of the business grew that country into Riedel’s Number 1 export market.

In 2014, Maximilian succeeded his father Georg Riedel as CEO of the company.

Maximilian Riedel continues to evolve the eponymous brand. His latest foray is into the world of cocktails, expanding Riedel beyond wine.

Maximilian Riedel, 44, is CEO of his family-owned company which was established in 1756

Riedel has a showcase in the Household Department, Basement 1, Takashimaya, Ngee Ann City.

The Singapore distributor of Riedel is Cellarmaster Wines, led by General Manager Lisa Lee.

Jean-Baptiste Cherriere is Riedel Vice President of Sales, Asia Pacific

Lisa Lee is General Manager of Cellarmaster Wines, the Singapore distributor of Riedel

Cheryl Han is Riedel Brand Manager

Riedel Sommeliers Burgundy

Riedel Decanter Ayam Black

Riedel Performance

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