Quinta do Noval 10 Year Old Tawny

Tawny Port is one of the most versatile wines imaginable. In the first place, you should always serve it between cool and cold. Store the bottle in the fridge and pour out a generous glass before replacing the opened bottle back where it came from. The wine – oxidized in the first place – will keep for weeks and months. Not that it will last that long. Delicious on its own, Tawny Port is also wonderful with food including spicy dishes, curries, cheese, and where the dish has some sweetness such as Peking Duck and char siew. Noval over delivers with their 10 Year Old. It taste more mature than the age statement. Sweet and fruity, there is also a dried sour Chinese prune aspect. And delicate wood spice. Impossible to put down once the glass has been lifted.


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