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 Raul Acha, oenologist of Vintae and Proyecto Garnachas de Espana, has embarked on a mission to save old Garnacha vineyards

Garnacha – aka Grenache across the French side – is believed to be Spanish in origin.

At one time, the European Union encouraged uprooting vines in many parts of Europe, including Spain. Garnacha, having long lost its fashion, was one such victim. What vines were not uprooted became abandoned.

Proyecto Garnachas de Espana is a journey from the perspective of Raul Acha, an oenologist and passionate advocate of the variety. His odyssey begins in his family home in Cardenas (La Rioja), where his grandfather planted Garnacha vines over one hundred years ago.

La Garnacha Salvaje is a multi-award winner. The vineyard is more than 800 metres above sea level on the slopes of the Moncayo Massif

Proyecto Garnachas de Espana produces six wines. We are recommending arguably the most prominent of them.

La Garnacha Salvaje del Moncayo represents the freshest and most elegant version of this variety, thanks to the influence of the Atlantic climate over the area, where Navarra and Aragon meet”

The red comes from old vines grown on a high-altitude vineyard – more than 800 metres above sea level – on the slopes of the Moncayo Massif.

Proyecto Garnachas La Garnacha Salvaje 2018 

Floral and berry/cherry fruit with vitality and freshness and soft tannins – with a little grip and a light tobacco aspect – on the finish. Elegantly medium-bodied. Fruit, structure, and freshness in wonderful harmony. Manually harvested, Salvaje – 100% Garnacha – was aged in new French oak barrels for 5 months. A multi-award winner, the 2013 and 2015 Salvaje won Gold at MONOVINO, and the 2018 vintage Gold at Wine Sub 30 Contest in Spain.

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