French Paradox

Pandemic Update

French Paradox

As we reported last Monday 4 May 2020 in Pandemic Update!, France Health Minister Olivier Veran announced that anyone entering the country will be subject to a 2-week quarantine, including returning residents and citizens of France.

This mandate will apply till 24 July 2020 when it will be reviewed.

There has – since last Monday – been some confusion concerning if this is a blanket mandate because French officials have since put out a statement that “anyone arriving from the European Union, Schengen zone, or Britain regardless of their nationality will not be subject to quarantine”.

If this is true, than it would mean that anyone outside those countries can simply bypass the quarantine by entering into France from the EU, Britain or Schengen zone countries.

Surely, this can’t be the loophole. No one really seems to know what is happening.

The French Government is expected to make a statement soon as to what all this means.

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