Ederra Rioja

Ederra Rioja is one of the brands produced at Vina Pomal, situated next to an old railway line

In 1901 two Spanish businessmen founded Bodegas Bilbainas. It was so named because they came from Bilbao.

Then in 1908, they launched the Vina Pomal brand out of the same winery.

The winery is located conveniently next to a railway line because in olden days that was the most efficient way to transport and export its production. Modern logistics have taken over and while trains no longer visit, lots of wine continues of be produced.

Today, various brands are produced at Vina Pomal, including Ederra Rioja.

In 1901 two Spanish businessmen from Bilbao founded Bodegas Bilbainas

Vina Pomal  – where Ederra Rioja is produced – is located in Haro

Rioja is one of the oldest denominated vineyards of Spain. It gained its official DO or Denominacion de Origen status a hundred years ago in 1920. Rioja is Spain’s most famous wine, accounting for 2.5% of global wine trade and 40% of that country’s wine exports.

Tempranillo, Rioja’s most important variety, commands 79% of total vineyard planting in the region. Although Rioja red can be 100% Tempranillo, it may also include a proportion of Graciano, Garnacha (Grenache in France) and Mazuelo.

In 1994 Vina Pomal was acquired by Codorniu, producer of Spain’s most famous sparkling wine or Cava.

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Mayte Calvo de la Banda is Head of Winemaking at Vina Pomal – where Ederra Rioja is produced. She has a degree in chemistry and oenology from the University of Rioja where she is a professor


Eddera Rioja Reserva 2015

Ripe fruit including raspberries and cherries, and vanilla from the oak. The tannins are ripe and the wine has lots of freshness. Decant 15 to 30 minutes. While enjoyable on its own, best with food including roast pork, duck, lamb, beef, and mushroom dishes. From 100% Tempranillo, aka Tinto Fino.

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