Domaine Servin Vieilles Vignes Chablis Selection Massale 2017

My favourite Chardonnay is a Chablis. Anyone truly interested in learning about terroir must get to know this pristine white wine. There are great chardonnays produced outside Burgundy but no one in the rest of the Old and New World has succeeded in anything that reminds of this unique region of France that is about 190 km south of Paris. Savouring Chablis, you can taste the Kimmeridgian limestone. Saline, chalk, an oyster-like taste, and a cold wind tossing a stormy sea. A great Chablis tingles even when it is ripe and rich as is this outstanding Domaine Servin Chablis. The Vieilles Vignes or old vines are 56 years old and uncloned. They were replanted from selecting the strongest vines within the same vineyard, a method known as Selection Massale. Intense, concentrated fruit. Appley, ripe green citrus, hint of stone fruit, and rich minerality. Unforgiving freshness.

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