Domaine Jacques Carillon Puligny-Montrachet 2016

It is wonderful when a producer proudly puts “Viticulteur” on the label to proclaim that he is a winegrower. And to further note that his ancestry has been growing grapes since – depuis – 1520. That’s the year, not 1520 hrs.  The bottle was opened by WONG Yin How, founder of Vintry, proprietor of restaurants and also a wine distribution business. Wong also judges for Decanter Asia Wine Awards (the judging is next week week – 3, 4 & 5 September – in Hong Kong). He served this at his newest Kuala Lumpur The Public House restaurant, bar, and wine retailer. A white Burgundy should never be served too cold. Between cool and cold is perfect. Minerally and citrus/appley with a whiff of vanilla. Provided it is not too cold, a buttery/creamy texture will also come through. A big glass with a large circumference is compulsory.  I like to decant young and old white Burgundy.

The Public House • Kuala Lumpur

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