Champagne Deutz 2019

A Vintage Year

Starting today, 4 May 2020, Champagne Deutz will be bottling wines of the 2019 vintage including their Brut Classic.

The lockdown in France brought on by the coronavirus pandemic continues. So too the country’s winegrowing and winemaking.

‘The tastings of the vins clairs and vins de reserve were so impressive that we are able to produce all the (2019) vintage wines in the Deutz range again this year,’ Champagne Deutz Chief Executive Offier Fabrice Rosset, who also informed that the tastings were undertaken by him and their Cellar Master Michel Davesne.

Champagne Deutz CEO Fabrice Rosset (left) with Cellar Master Michel Davesne (in a photo taken before the present pandemic).

At Deutz, they vinify – separately – about 150 different wines in total.

The quality of the 2019 wines have the added bonus of also producing good quantity. As a result, Champagne Deutz will see a record of almost 2.8 million bottles being produced this year.

This is good news in an otherwise terrible year for the world.

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