Capital of Fake Wine


China produces, sells, and buys more fake wine than any other country in the world.

Not just wine but also fake Moutai, Cognac, Whisky, Bourbon, Vodka, Pu-erh tea, branded handbags, shoes, watches, dresses, jackets, perfumes, baby milk powder, medicine, eggs (no chicken required), French branded oysters such as Gillardeau, hairy crab from Yangcheng LakeJinhua ham, mooncakes, and the list of hundreds, thousands of other products goes on.

China is the world capital of fakes.

Chinese crooks who produce the fradulent goods love nothing more than cheating their fellow Chinese countrymen, women, and children.

The cheating includes the Chinese Government.

The Communist Party of China employs good-looking models to march with their real servicemen and women on National Day so the TV camera can depict tall, incredibly attractive “soldiers”.

Two years ago, in a propaganda video for the Chinese Air Force, a Chinese jet swoops down and fires missiles at an enemy target.

It turned out the footage was stolen from a Hollywood Transformer movie.

Honour, integrity, and pride, nothing is sacred or shameless today in the world’s oldest, continuous civilization.

Fooling and cheating the innocent Chinese consumer and citizen is a full-time Chinese sport.

The Chinese Government – which likes to give the impression it is serious about discipline, law and order – doesn’t seem able to catch the Chinese cheats, crooks, and fraudsters.

Is it really just incompetence and indifference.

Who would they be catching anyway?

Last week, the world’s most famous wine crook, Indonesian Chinese Rudy Kurniawan, was deported back to Jakarta after serving seven years in a Texas jail in America.

For many years, Kurniawan had been selling millions of dollars of fraudulent wine.

If the Indonesian had been sent to China, he would feel much more at home.

After all, no other country in the world produces, sells, and buys more fake wine than China.

He will have a big customer base and a large production line all ready to churn out the fakes.

A red carpet is waiting for Rudy Kurniawan in China • Capital of Fake Wine.

Wishing you A Good Weekend.

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