Berlucchi Franciacorta ’61 Rosé

It was not until 1957 that the wines were called Franciacorta when Guido Berlucchi released a white wine named Pinot di Franciacorta. Then in 1961, Franco Ziliani, a young, ambitious winemaker working for Berlucchi, produced a sparkling wine and sold it under the name Pinot di Franciacorta. Today, the owner of Berlucchi, Ziliani is joined by the next generation, his children Cristina, Arturo, and Paolo. So, inspite of the ’61 on the label, this is a non-vintage comprising 60% Pinot Noir and 40%  Chardonnay. Delicate red berry fruit with a grapefruity note. Medium-bodied with fine bubbles. The secondary fermentation – as with Champagne – takes place in the bottle and the wine was aged on lees a minimum 24 months before disgorgement. Following that, the bottles rested another minimum two months in Berlucchi before commercial release.

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