“Banned” in China?

Road Block in China

Chinese wine importers have been receiving verbal directives from authorities to stop importing Australian wine.

To emphasize the seriousness of their message, Chinese customs will not clear incoming Australian wine from tomorrow Saturday 7 November 2020.

Wine is not the only product targeted.

Imports of Australian lobster, sugar, coal, timber, wool, barley and copper will also be suspended with effect tomorrow.

The Chinese action arises from its ongoing diplomatic row with the Scott Morrison Government ranging from Australia calling for an independent global investigation into the origins of Covid 19; China’s increasing militarisation in the South China Sea; the country’s crackdown on Muslim Uighurs in Xinjiang; and, the passing of the National Security Law in Hong Kong to suppress protests.

China is Australian wine largest export market.

In 2019 it was worth A$1.26 billion.

Combined with the other produce targeted by Chinese authorities, Australia will be taking an economic body blow between A$5 and A$6 billion.

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