Airline Travel – Gangsters at Work


Of all forms of public transportation, bus, taxi or uber (or the equivalent where you live), train and planes, the last is the most out-of-date, dinosaurus, bullying and “corrupt” imaginable.

If you took a taxi from your house to work or to visit a friend, would you expect to have to take the same taxi back home before going somewhere else?

“How ridiculous!” you rightly point out.

Yet, that’s exactly what the vast majority of airlines forces us to do when we fly.

If we don’t buy a return-ticket, they punish us by charging the same price for a one-way ticket.

Airlines like to boast how wonderful their business- and first-class are.  This champagne, that champagne, and so on. They spend millions of dollars advertising about that.

Airlines don’t bother to highlight how protectionist their practices are.

They behave like bullies, gangsters and the Mafia. Essentially, they force us to “take it or leave it”.

Almost all the airlines in the world are in this together.

I hope I live to see the day when paying for a one-way ticket is the same price as a return ticket becomes banished into the dustbin of history. Where it rightly belongs.

Wishing you A Good Week Ahead.


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