A Love Story in Cognac

Chateau de Bagnolet is the property of Hennessy where the world’s Number One Cognac brand hosts and pampers its guests from around the world.

Chateau de Bagnolet is essentially a love story.

Today the property of Cognac Hennessy, Bagnolet was built in 1810 and purchased in 1841 by Auguste Hennessy as a present to his wife Claudine Irene d’Anthes, whom he had married in 1833.

Auguste was the grandson of Richard Hennessy, the Irish military officer and businessman founder of the Cognac house.

The English-style lawns slope gently to the river.

Chateau de Bagnolet evokes the  architecture of colonial homes found in Louisiana in America. The English-style lawn slopes gently to the Charente River which meanders through the 7-hectare property, most of which is parkland.

The chateau has eight rooms but they are not open to the public. On the contrary, Cognac Hennessy reserves them for their guests who visit from around the world. Pop singers and movie stars too. Apart from accommodating them, Hennessy also wine, dine, and cognac their guests at Bagnolet. Most try and find excuses not to leave.

Chateau de Bagnolet was a gift to Claudine Irene d’Anthes from her husband Auguste Hennessy.

In the drawing-room at Bagnolet, one is reminded of the couple who first lived there. Auguste and Claudine Irene d’Anthes are immortalised in paintings. While guests sip on a Hennessy Cocktail or Cognac Hennessy, their names are recalled to visitors who come to Chateau de Bagnolet to pay homage to the world’s Number One Cognac house, and end up also discovering a love story.

Guests are wine, dine, and cognac at Bagnolet, including Hennessy Paradis Imperial.

Chateau de Bagnolet is just a short drive from the village of Cognac.

The 7-hectare property includes parkland. The Charente River flows through it.

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