A Great Point

Welcome to EDITION 729 of GRAPEVINE

Greetings after landing this morning from Yangzhou/Shanghai.

One of the things I consider foremost when travelling is the type of power-point socket the country or city uses. 

Hong Kong is the most convenient because, as a result of our shared past British connection, we use the same thick three-pin as in the UK.

Australia is another three-pointer but that aside, quite different as the points are narrower and angled very differently.

France uses two points which are cylindrical.

I have – permanently – in my back-pack, adaptors to adapt to different locations.

In China, though, they are superfluous.

The country is the friendliest place when it comes to power-point sockets.

In hotels anyway.

Practically every hotel has installed a socket so ingenious and versatile that it accommodates every power-pin configuration imaginable.  

The whole world should embrace the socket as a national standard.

Wishing you A Very Good Weekend.

P.S. There will be no website entries until next Friday as I leave tomorrow

for Yamanashi, Japan.

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