20-Year Old in 2022 • Bordeaux 2002

I am not a label nor vintage drinker.

I prefer to explore and discover.

One such discoveries I made five years ago.

I had brought Beychevelle 2002 to be served before Latour 1982 to celebrate LU Yang becoming the first Chinese Master Sommelier

When news came through from London in August 2017 that Yang passed, I was actually visiting China. 

We met up later in Hong Kong, where he was based as he was then Corporate Wine Director of Shangri-La). Dinner at Imperial Treasure Kowloon included LI De Mei.

Latour ’82 was Latour ’82. If there was a mountain in front of it, the bottle would had moved it.

(The Cristal 1990 from magnum would had moved all the nine peaks of Kowloon).

Beychevelle 2002 was, in a sense, the winner that night.

I had, to be perfectly honest, forgotten about the vintage. 

In 2003, I would, of course, had tasted Beychevelle 2002 during the en primeurs campaign and probably even stayed at the chateau itself. I had not, however, re-tasted the Saint-Julien 2002 until that night in 2017. What a neglect! And what a killer re-discovery!!

Even though decanted an hour before, that was not enough as Beychevelle 2002 was still a bit closed. There was evident bundled up intensity waiting to unfurl.

Since then, I have also re-tasted other 2002s and enjoyed every single one.

The vintage still has legs to stride confidently into the next decade.

At the same time, 2002 gives immense pleasure with its elegant, persistent fruit; fine, crisp tannins; and, vivacious finish. 

With that 2017 re-discovery and the fact we are in 2022, I rounded up not one, nor two, but three 2002s for this year’s ICCCW Welcome Dinner.

This year, 2022, is a milestone for 2002. 

The vintage is 20 years old. Or young!

On Friday 25 November 2022, you can discover for yourself how remarkably delicious the 20-year old Chateau LagrangeChateau Pichon Comtesse and Chateau Leoville Barton are.

The wines are flying into Singapore just now. 

Give them the welcome reception they so richly deserve. 

To book your seat at ICCCW 2022 Welcome Dinner, please click https://bit.ly/3CJQxGK. You – or you can nominate someone else – will receive a complimentary seat at the Champagne Deutz Masterclass worth $39.

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