14-Day Quarantine

Pandemic Update

France Minister of Solidarity & Health Olivier Veran.

Travellers to France will face a mandatory 2-week quarantine when they enter the country.

The restriction will also apply to French citizens going back to France.

‘This quarantine will be imposed on any person returning on French soil,’ announced Health Minister Olivier Veran (who is also a neurologist).

The new mandate will apply till 24 July 2020 when it will be reviewed.

This will mean that members of the French wine trade, other business travellers, and French tourists will be loathed to travel outside the country to visit their markets as it will mean being quarantined for 14 days upon their return.

At the same time, most countries around the world also now require visitors entering  theirs to be quarantined for an equal time.

The airline, hospitality, and food & beverage sectors are expected to face continued difficult times.

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