Targetting China at US$1,000


French wine sales to China declined 15% because of Covid.

Now that restaurants and bars have reopened in the world’s most populous country, recovery may be in sight.

Sales to the USA, however, remain a problem because of the 25% punitive tax imposed on French wine courtesy of Donald Trump.

On the fashion front, luxury giant Louis Vuitton made a huge splash over the weekend when it announced it will be releasing a face shield.

While the Paris-based fashion house already has a line-up of face masks, their face shield is a breakthrough as LV becomes the first fashion brand in the world to turn the Covid protective gear into a sartorial statement.

Louis Vuitton’s face shield go on sale online on 30 October 2020.

The fashion item has nearly 11 million internet clicks (and that’s just from Singapore).

Golden Studs  LV Monogram

The shield has a photochromatic visor which reads sunlight and turns darker accordingly; golden studs; elastic monogrammed headband, Louis Vuitton’s cherished LV monogram print; and, can be flipped over to wear as a hat.

Louis Vuitton describes their face shield as “an eye-catching headpiece, both stylish and protective”.

Style, protection and grabbing attention does not come without a price.

The Louis Vuitton Face Shield is expected to set you back US$1,000.

Guess which market the French company is targeting.

Clue: See the model.

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