Give it a Rest George!

George Yeo, former foreign minister and former Brigadier General Singapore Air Force. The Harvard alumnus recently praised Wuxia writer JIN YONG to the heavens while disparaging Taylor Swift as inconsequential

To put someone down in order to raise another is a cheap trick. 

It does the one so praised no favour. 

In fact, through no fault of him, the person elevated has indirectly antagonised the other put down.

Both, I may add, are innocent. And, in a way, equal victims.

The culprit is the one who has dealt the dastardly card. An unworthy blow below the belt.

Singaporean GEORGE YEO perpetrated the lowly assault when he recently described the late LOUIS CHA LEUNG YUNG (1924 – 2018), pen name JIN YONG, as “good wine with multi-layers”.

If Yeo had stopped there, it would had been a worthy tribute.

Unfortunately, restrain, discretion, and good manners are not his calling cards. 

Not content, Yeo went on the offensive.

“Taylor Swift is like enjoying a soda. It will give you an immediate kick. It’s fizzy, it’s sweet.”

Louis CHA Leung Yung (1924 – 2018), pen name JIN YONG, was a legend in his own time. His work remains some of the greatest Wuxia novels ever written

From left, Professor LI Demei; Proprietor of Tiansai of Skyline Gobi CHEN Lizhong; CH’NG Poh Tiong; and, ZHA Chuanti, Jin Yong’s son, at the launch of 100 Top Chinese Restaurants of the World 2019 at Imperial Treasure Shanghai, China, on 5 March 2019

Taylor Swift, who has never done any harm to George Yeo, her concert was likened by the 69-year old father of four as “… being like enjoying a soda. It will give you an immediate kick. It’s fizzy, it’s sweet.”

Pseudo Intellectual
George Yeo is woefully pseudo intellectual.

Why was the unhappy man unable to simply sing the praises of the great Wuxia novelist without having to denigrate TAYLOR SWIFT

Was it necessary to insult someone embraced by millions of teenagers and young people – particularly, but not exclusively, girls and women – around the world?

Or, was George Yeo sucking up to Hong Kong (where he now lives) which has been smarting from not being the venue of the Eras Tour.

Is his angst worthy of a corporate leader. And reflective of the organisations he represents?

Taylor Swift’s lyrics contain and communicate so many of the trials, tribulations, and aspirations of growing up. The things life throws at us. 

To liken them to “being fizzy” reveals how dismissive George Yeo is of the struggles young people go through.

Has the father of four children himself not a shred of empathy?

Even if Yeo prefers Wuxia novels, is his mind so limited he cannot appreciate the prose, poetry, and music of a young woman singer songwriter?

Incredibly, George Yeo was a former foreign minister. Where is the diplomacy? Never mind grace. 

Curry Favour
I also find it offensive Yeo trying to curry favour with wine lovers by hoisting wine onto a pedestal. Give it a rest George.

Wine is diversified, all embracing, wonderful, and delicious.

Your attitude to Taylor Swift – who did you no harm – is none of those!

Your view of wine is rose-tinted, affected, and saccharine.

George Yeo is the very thing wine detests.

Another snob.

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