Best Champagne Bar in the World

Germany has arguably the best Champagne Bar in the world.

It’s inside the Edeka supermarket on 52 Berliner Allee in downtown Dusseldorf.

With an annual turnover in excess of €60 billion, Edeka is the largest supermarket chain in Germany. 

First founded in 1898 and renamed Edeka in 1918, today, the company has over 13,000 stores and over 350,000 employees across every region of Germany.

If you have not heard of Edeka, it may be because you have not been to Germany as Edeka only operates in that country.

At 12,000 sq ft, the 52 Berliner Allee store, is Edeka’s largest. 

At their Champagne Bar, you can simply pull out any bottle in the store and – adding €20 to the retail price – bring a huge sparkle to your day. Or night!

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