Family Producer

Francis Abecassis and daughter Elodie head their family enterprise

Domaines Francis Abecassis specializes in single estate bottlings.

They own 370 hectares of vines and are one of the largest independent producers in Cognac.

The house is headed by Francis Abecassis  and his daughter Elodie.

The younger generation it was who came up with the brilliant idea of naming the brand “ABK6” which is exactly how their family name sounds.

Cool …

Domaines Francis Abecassis owns 370 hectares of vines

Domaines Francis Abecassis is one of the largest independent producers in Cognac


ABK6 VSOP Single Estate Cognac 

Gold bronze. Fragrant, perfumed. Very fruity nose. Whirlwind of ripe peach, apricot, vanilla, liquorice, cinnamon, and Turkish Delight. Spirity too. Incredibly smooth and silky. Remarkable and exceptional for a Very Special Old Pale or VSOP. Multi-award winner. 40% alcohol • 1000 ml

ABK6 XO Family Cellar Single Estate Cognac 

Gold/bronze/copper. Ultra layered on the nose. A complex weave of caramel, smokiness, cinnamon, star anise, nuttiness, honey, spice, and Christmas cake. Bright, lifted, and evolved at the same time. Smooth, creamy, and a burst of fire in the same sip. Expertly balanced. Sweetness on the long, lingering finish. Multi-award winner. 40% alcohol • 700 ml

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