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Greetings from just back this morning from France where I had visited for six weeks.

Life is back to normal at the Singapore Airlines check-in at Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport Paris.

Returning last November from the previous trip — when the VTL between France and Singapore was established the month before — check-in was considerably drawn-out.

Friends who had departed a week before me, they reported snaking long queues and advised to get to CDG Airport 3 hours before the 1040 hrs SQ335 flight.

I slept at Roissypole which is in Terminal 3 CDG Airport and was second in the queue at 0615 hrs last November. Before the counter actually open.

Whatever class you were travelling, a Singapore Airlines representative methodically interviewed every single one of us individually. We had to produce a negative PCR Test, show we had made a Health Declaration to the Singapore Ministry of Health, and provide evidence we had booked a PCR Test upon arrival in Singapore.

Yesterday at Paris, I arrived at the Singapore Airlines check-in counter at 0815 hrs (having, again slept at Roissypole the night before).

You just walked up to whatever class you were flying on and simply queue up.

Before the boarding pass was printed, the counter staff asked to show your vaccination pass and the negative Antigen test (instead of PCR). And asked if I had made my Health Declaration.

There is no longer a need to provide evidence you have booked a PCR Test upon arrival.

An ART will now suffice and you book that when you arrive in Singapore. A signboard at Changi directs you to their website.

I am returning to France in another six weeks’ time. By then, I won’t even have to wear a mask in public anymore.

France is ditching the mask this coming Monday 28 February 2022.

Vive la France!!

Wishing you A Good Weekend.

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