Riesling Rules!

Riesling is a miracle of Nature.

Naturally aromatic, floral, citrus, apples, tingling, vivacious, and full of velocity.

Riesling is “Riesling-nable”. It does need oak to support its validity.

In the final countdown of the greatest white varieties, Riesling – and Chenin – lord over Chardonnay.

The R and Loire grapes deliver immeasurable pleasure, complexity, finesse, energy and the longest sustaining wines whether dry, medium, or intensely sweet.

Chardonnay has never been known to make a wine of interest if medium- or intensely sweet.

Where Chardonnay has a decisive advantage over Riesling is sparkling. Think of Blanc de Blancs champagne and we have to admit Chardonnay trounces Riesling there.

However, as far as longevity is concerned, Riesling and Chenin go the greater distance and continue to evolve and become more surreal with the years and decades.

Long Live Riesling!!

P.S. Five Riesling I enjoyed in the last two months. The most recent, two days ago, is Albert Mann Grand Cru Schlossberg 2018Mid-gold. Sunshine, honey, dried citrus peel, minerals on the nose. Ripe, rich fruit held by round acidity.  

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