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Bellavista is true to its name, “Beautiful View”.

A sweeping vista over the entire Po Valley, the enchanting Lake Iseo, and reaching all the way to the foothills of the Alps. If you stood on the other side looking back at Bellavista, you would no doubt be also moved to exclaim “Bellavista”.

The same is true of Bellavista the sparkling wine.

The Franciacorta Alma Brut flagship is made with Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and 1% of Pinot Bianco to the same exacting requirements of champagne.

This means the Bellavista bubbles are created organically inside the same bottle via the secondary fermentation.

When the same reaches your dining table, make sure the glass you have is a large one.

Vittorio Moretti bought the hill of Bellavista in 1977 in order to build his house. As a hobby, he planted Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Bianco

The person responsible for Bellavista is Vittorio Moretti, a self-made man whose business acumen is only matched by his artistic personality. Wealth alone does not buy good taste. Sensitivity and a cultured mind are the prerequisites.

Vittorio Moretti possesses an abundance of both, like his wines with their endless trailing bubbles.

An understated person, Moretti is quick to acknowledge the important contributions made by Mattia Vezzola. The oenologist joined the winery in 1981 and is pivotal in defining the Bellavistastyle.

Mattia Vezzola joined Bellavista in 1981.  In 2007, Gambero Rosso-Slow Food – Italy’s most famous wine guide – named him “Oenologist of the Year”

(Second from left) Ethica Wines Regional Sales Manager for Hong Kong, China and Taiwan Roberta Picco conducted a tasting of Bellavista for customers of the Kowloon Elements shop of Enoteca. (Second from right) is YU Kayan, Business & Marketing Manager of chngpohtiong.com, wineguru.com.sg and 100 Top Chinese Restaurants of the World

Bellavista owns 206 hectares of vineyards. Annual production is around 1.5 million bottles. Sparkling wine takes up 95% of that while the balance is still wine

In 2007, Gambero Rosso-Slow Food – Italy’s most famous wine guide – named Mattia Vezzola “Oenologist of the Year”. Since then, more bottles of Bellavista have gone on to tickle the fancy of what is now a worldwide following, including in Hong Kong.

Recently, Ethica Wines Regional Sales Manager for Hong Kong, China and Taiwan Roberta Picco conducted a tasting of Bellavista at the Kowloon Elements shop of Enoteca for their customers, including our own Hong Kong-based Business & Marketing Manager YU Kayan.

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