A Monument VS The Laurel & Hardy Show


Winston Churchill in one word. Sacrifice.

Boris Johnson likes to imagine he is like Winston Churchill.

The current Prime Minister of Britain is entirely deluded.

Churchill was a courageous soldier, accomplished war- and peace-time journalist, First Lord of the Admiralty (during World War I), war- and peace-time Prime Minister, Nobel Prize Winner for Literature (1953), a master orator, and a direct descendant of the Dukes of Marlborough (a peerage created by Queen Anne in 1702 for John Churchill).

Winston Churchill (30 November 1874 – 24 January 1965) was not only a brave soldier (he was only admitted to the Sandhurst Military Academy on his third attempt), he used his mother’s connections so that he would be sent to a war zone. He was then a 21-year young second lieutenant in the 4th Queen’s Hussars of the British Army.

When he was about 25 – returning to England from India – considering himself poorly educated, Churchill decided to enlighten himself by reading, including, the works of Plato, Adam Smith, Charles Darwin, Edward Gibbon’s The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire and Winwood Reade’s The Martyrdom of Man.

The Laurel & Hardy Show, aka Boris Johnson & Dominic Cummings

A Liberal Conservative

Although for most of his career he was remembered as a member of the Conservative Party (leader from October 1940 to April 1955), Churchill had crossed over to the Liberal Party and remained there for two decades from May 1904 to March 1924.

As a soldier, Churchill was for the humane treatment of captured enemy soldiers and against the desecration of religious monuments in enemy territory.

As a politician, Churchill was against economic protectionism, believed in racial equality, and in favour of “the old tolerant and generous practice of free entry and asylum to which this country has so long adhered and from which it has so greatly gained”.

On replacing as prime minister the deluded Neville Chamberlain who thought that Hitler could be appeased, Winston Churchill’s first speech to the British Parliament on 13 May 1940 was a rallying cry of sacrifice to the British people in the incredible struggle he knew was to come.

I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat …”

As for Boris Johnson, he cannot begin to even compare.

The present Prime Minister of the United Kingdom resembles a schoolboy prankster.

Johnson had no strategy nor real comprehension of the war against Covid 19.

He is just making it up as he goes (nowhere).

Worst still is Boris Johnson’s astounding misjudgement.

He actually thinks the British people will ignore, forgive or “move on” from his and Dominic Cumming’s insult when – after exhorting the millions to stay home – the latter made several trips up and down England, including a sight-seeing family escapade “to check my eyesight”.

Laurel & Hardy, aka Cummings & Johnson, will do better to check their grey cells.

Boris Johnson’s incompetence and misjudgement is compounded by his glaring inability to understand what makes Winston Churchill great and of which he is incapable of.


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