“Wood Juice”


The vineyard – in Anjou in the Loire – is biodynamic.

The blend is about 2/3 cabernet franc and 1/3 cabernet sauvignon.

The age of the vines – at the time of the 2012 vintage which I had last night – was 42 to 52 and about 65 years old for the cabernet franc and cabernet sauvignon respectively.

The bottling was done on a “fruit” day.

All the above is marketing and public relations blast because there was nothing fruity about the wine at all.

Clau de Nell Cuvée Violette 2012 was tart, austere and seething with the grip of oak.

“Wood juice” would be a better descriptor for the wine.

I had bought the bottle about two years ago in Hong Kong.

And had decanted half a bottle and kept the other half for another day.

However, I was so disappointed with the red that after dinner I poured the other half into the sink because I did not wish to re-visit the taste of wood juice.

Why do wine producers tell us their vineyards are biodynamic, their vines are ancient, they bottle on a fruit day and then beat the hell out of the fruit with wood staves?

Wishing you A Very Good Week Ahead.



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