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 My last three flights on SQ336 to Paris in the last six months, every flight has taken off late resulting in arriving to CDG Airport 45 to 60 minutes late

Travel to France for Singaporeans and residents is now practically like in pre-Covid days. Departing on Singapore Airlines last Thursday 31 March 2022, there was no need to show a PCR test or ART before boarding in Changi Airport. Nor was there a requirement to fill up a Health Declaration upon arrival in Charles de Gaulle Airport.


Having flown three times on Singapore Airlines to Paris in the last six months, I find it baffling – with so few departures – that all three SQ336 flights took off behind schedule and arrived in Paris 45 to 60 minutes late.

If you are catching a connecting flight there is a real possibility you will miss that. You will almost certainly not make it if you have to retrieve your luggage and check-in all over again. Prior to Covid, Singapore Airlines arrived in Terminal 1 of CDG.

Most connecting flights – including to Bordeaux, Nice and most European cities – are in Terminal 2F which will take you another 45 to 60 minutes to get to especially if you are retrieving luggage at T1. Due to Covid, CDG Terminal 1 is closed. Presently, Singapore Airlines arrives in Terminal 2E.

Roissy Charles de Gaulle is getting increasingly crowded. Like in the old days

It can take a while for luggage to appear in CDG. If you are catching a connecting flight, take that into account, particularly if you have to check in your bag/s all over again. Good luck


Last Friday 31 March 2022, SQ336 was 45 minutes late and took an unusually long time to get to the arrival gate and to disembark. Immigration control was busier than the previous two flights last October and January. The original arrival was 0735 hrs and my TGV train to Lyon from Terminal 2 at 1000 hrs. By the time I retrieve my luggage, it was almost 0945 hrs. I ran like the wind and got to Platform 6 with 10 minutes to spare.

The train station is in Terminal 2 (Singapore Airlines lands in T2E, before Covid it was T1). Last Thursday 31 March 2022, I ran like the wind after retrieving my luggage and got to the station 10 minutes before the TGV arrived

Take the above considerations into account should you be flying on Singapore Airlines to Paris.

Wishing you A Good Week Ahead.

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