Stop this Harassment

Welcome to EDITION 740 of GRAPEVINE

No 50-something-year old man has any business asking a 20-year old girl to kan pei.

If, for some reason, you think that assertion too harsh, then I presume you would consider it alright if the same 50-something-year old man  asked his 20-year old daughter to kan pei.

Lest you still think it perfectly normal or harmless to do so, then if you have a 20-year old daughter, I assume you would think it perfectly alright for your 50-something-year old male friends to ask your 20-year old daughter to kan pei with them.

I left China yesterday after the maximum 15 days allowed to Singaporeans to visit the country without a visa.

In China, the crane is much revered and is a symbol of longevity and peace. When a crane is depicted with the lotus in a painting, they signify longevity and purity.

I caught up with many old friends, met new wonderful ones, was accorded great courtesy and kindness, ate outstanding food, drank delicious wines (I don’t kan pei), savoured amazing organic plums, but also witnessed that very horrible incident.

Actually, that same stupid man tried more than once to have the young girl – and another kan pei with him.

Both were brave enough not to do so.

As they were working in the same company – as more junior staff – I admire so much their sense of dignity above job security.

The future of Chinese women is in good hands.

Wishing you A Very Good Weekend.