It Should Be Mandatory

Welcome to EDITION 717 of  GRAPEVINE

They should make it mandatory every time a plane is delayed for more than 30 minutes.

 Here’s what made me think of that.

Leaving Singapore two Saturdays ago for Amsterdam to go to Porto, I flew Jet Airways to Delhi as I wanted to visit a restaurant in the Indian capital.

It was my first time on Jet Airways which acquitted itself very well for the seat, service, wine, and food. Movies could be much better. 

There was a snag on the second flight, between Delhi and Amsterdam. 

The departure was delayed 45 minutes which meant that instead of leaving at 0230 hrs, it was going to be 0315 hrs.

The Jet Airways ground staff in Delhi informed not to worry as the pilot would make up the difference flying out, and we should all arrive in Amsterdam on schedule to catch our connecting flights.

Another Snag

This was not to be.

After having boarded, our pilot was not able to take off because a vehicle near our parking bay was de-mobilished and in the path of our plane. It took another hour to resolve that.

The pilot and the entire crew tried their best to keep us comfortable.

The management did not. I’ll tell you why.

 They should had, to compensate for the screw-up, offered free inflight wifi
so that we can SMS and email friends, family, and colleagues waiting on the other end. We could had also surf the internet for information on the next connecting flight or/and cancel or change hotel accommodation, etc.

So, I think it should be mandatory that as soon as there is a 30-minute delay, all airlines be forced to offer free wifi to their passengers.

Apologising is not enough. In fact, it is useless.

 Wishing you A Very Good Weekend.