Poli • Their First Whisky

The 17-th Generation of the Poli Family. On far right is Jacopo. The family has lived in Veneto for more than 600 years

The Poli Family traces its roots to 1400. 

The current 17th Generation comprises siblings Giampaolo, Jacopo, Barbara and Andrea. The family tree contains names of female and male members from those 600-plus years. 

Poli Distillery was founded in 1898 in the village of Schiavon in the heart of Veneto.  The product line includes grappa, gin, vermouth and now for the first time, whisky. 

“We chose the most suitable barley, we modified our bain-marie pot-still, we made trials, conducted numerous tastings, and waited for years to realize a product unique in its kind: a pure malt whisky aged in Amarone barrels”      

Jacopo Poli

Segretario di Stato translates to “Secretary of State” a reference to the fact that on 15 October 2013, a prominent citizen of Schiavon was named Secretary of State of the Holy See in the Vatican.

“Such an event deserves to be celebrated with a special distillate!” exclaimed the Mayor of Schiavon Mirella Cogo to Jacopo Poli.

Segretario di Stato or “Secretary of State” is Poli’s first whisky and inspired by something that took place on 15 October 2013

Segretario di Stato is aged 5 years, at least a year finished in Amarone barrels. Lightly peated, the palate includes toasted nuts, rasins, plums, chocolate, spice and – thanks to the influence of the Amarone barrel – a delicate sweetness that reminds of whisky aged in sherry cask. 

Segretario di Stato is bottled at 43% ABV. The 700 ml bottle is packaged in an attractive metal container. Watch the video at www.poligrappa.com/eng/distillates/segretario-di-stato

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