No Water Point at Somerset Skate Park


The Draguignan Skatepark

Next week, I am back to France where since last Monday, except on public transport, masking is no longer required in- or outdoor.

France walks the talk when they said they will live with Covid.

Here in Singapore, gridlock seems to have set in.

For what is now like forever, we are still confined to stop drinking at 10.30 pm in restaurants and bars, and dining/visiting to 5 people.

The latter, when first announced, included sports.

The people who make decisions affecting our lives are so removed from our reality that anyone with any common sense will tell you it is impossible for two competing sides to play sports in 5.

How do you have 2 on 3 in basketball or indoor football without making a mockery of fair competition?

A friend laughed at my innocence and told that in golf, the maximum is 4 players to tee-off.

That, I suppose, explains why the authorities decided the max should be just 5 so they will never contravene the rule while the rest of us who don’t chase after a small ball scratch our heads.

Returning home three weeks ago from France, I discovered, again, how utterly detached Singapore authorities are from our lives.

This was when I went to the skatepark next to Somerset MRT station.

There is no water fountain or water point for us skateboarders to drink from!!

Water point for one and all

Do the people who designed it actually play any kind of sports?

Please tick the choices. There is no water point at the Somerset Skatepark because of:

  1. An oversight by the authorities 
  2. The authorities are inept and incompetent
  3. Water is not safe to drink from the tap in Singapore
  4. All of the above

The Draguignan Skatepark

Also, although I am just a month into skateboarding, it is so obvious the bureaucrat/s who designed the park doesn’t skate.

Why didn’t they ask a few teenagers who actually skate how to come up with a fun and interactive park?

Sorry, I am betraying my innocence again.

I forgot you need to have a university degree or be a “President Scholar” to do anything in Singapore.

Teenagers – given the fact they are still in their teens – haven’t got there yet.

What they have though is lots of imagination!!

Wishing you A Very Good Week.

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