Mask or No Mask?

Most Singaporeans are not wearing a mask. A view of the Singapore River along Robertson Quay.

Returning last Saturday 29 February – after having been away for five weeks – I was happy to see that most Singaporeans were not wearing a mask. If you are healthy, it is unnecessary.

On the other hand, if you are not well, for goodness sake put on a mask so that you do not endanger others.

Naturally, if you are on the front-line receiving and administering to people who might be ill and infected, you need to wear a mask. And probably much more.

If healthy, by not wearing a mask, you free them up for others who need them more than us. And they won’t become scarce and overpriced.

No Place for A Mobile Phone

Right now, because of the health epidemic, restuarants are suffering. They may not be entirely empty but they need our help.

I went to check out a pizza place on Tuesday.

The view of the Singapore River along a man-made canal at Robertson Quay was very striking.

Bella Pizza came highly recommended by a blogger. It is good but not exceptional. Seven to 8 upon 10 points would be where it sits.

The pizzas are good but the mobile phone has no place in your pocket when waiting on tables.

Bella Pizza allows you to have two different toppings on the same pizza.

The staff, although pleasant enough, no one was in the mood to smile. Except a young man.

The same young man was, however, distracted by his mobile phone.

So much so that when a couple said “Thank You Very Much” upon leaving, the compliment went completely unanswered.

A while later, the same young man when passing me asked how the pizza was.Obviously, he has potential. But needs guidance. Someone to explain to him that a mobile phone should not be in your pocket when you are waiting on tables. Take a peek at it by all means when you have a break. But not when your customers need your attention. Or when paying you a compliment.