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Chateau Yquem

One of my most memorable assignments took place over the course of a week in May 2014.

I was asked by YQUEM to organise and pair five dinners with top influencers and media in Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Beijing and Shanghai.

The vintages served at the five dinners were:

YQUEM 2011
YQUEM 2009
YQUEM 2000
YQUEM 1996
YQUEM 1988

It was a great pleasure and privilege to travel with Sandrine Garbay, their Chief Winemaker who had joined YQUEM in 1994 directly from Bordeaux University where she had earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree followed by a Ph D. It was her first time in Hong Kong and China.

Last year, after 28 years with YQUEM, Sandrine Garbay joined neighbouring CHATEAU GUIRAUD. One of the world‘s greatest winemakers, her expertise and talent are only matched by her incredible humility.

On 27 February and 1 March 2023 over two dinners in Singapore, some very lucky people will meet this remarkable person and winemaker, someone I consider a living grape legend.

Please find the story I filed for DecanterChina.com in 2014 about the YQUEM trip at http://bit.ly/3Iv1peE 

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