LEE Hsien Yang has joined the opposition Progress Singapore Party.

As Singapore comes out of lockdown with the re-opening of hawker centres, food courts, and restaurants to allow for dining in – maximum of five to a table – the country is also preparing to go to the polls on Friday 10 July 2020.

The need to social distance means a ban on political rallies.

Most observers see this as a disadvantage to parties opposed to the ruling People’s Action Party headed by Lee Hsien Loong, elder son of the late Lee Kuan Yew (1923 – 2015).

In spite of the damper on rallies, there was political news yesterday – Wednesday 24 June 2020 – that riveted Singapore over and above the daily announcement of new Covid cases.

Lee Hsien Yang, the prime minister’s estranged younger brother, joined the opposition Progress Singapore Party headed by Dr TAN Cheng Bok, a former MP of the ruling party.

‘I joined the party because I think that Dr Tan is committed to doing the right thing for Singapore and Singaporeans and he loves the country. And he has brought together a group of people who share his vision, which I believe will build a better Singapore.’

The younger Lee added he was also concerned about governance standards and income inequality in the country.

The main reason for the Lee Family feud surrounds the fate of the home of Lee Kuan Yew.

Lee Hsien Yang and his younger sister Dr Lee Wei Ling  are of the view the house be torn down as per their father’s wish.

They accused Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong of abusing his executive powers to prevent efforts to demolish the family bungalow.

Most Singaporeans are just as confused because – during his lifetime – Lee Kuan Yew had said publicly he wanted the house demolished after his death.

The former prime minister – loved, respected, and feared equally – always spoke his mind and was not one to mince his words.

Being a double starred-first-class honours law graduate from Cambridge University – and a practicing barrister before becoming a politician – surely, Lee Kuan Yew would had been very clear as to what he meant.

As of 24 June 2020, the total number of infections in Singapore was 42,432.

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