David vs Goliath

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Most of us have heard of the Biblical story David & Goliath.

It is the tale of how a young boy triumphed over a giant by using a sling and a stone, a demonstration of superior weaponry winning over static structure.

I have never been entirely satisfied with the story because of the element of trickery involved.

If, instead, David had fought it out and, with stealth and speed, won over sloth and brute force, that would have been a real victory.

My favourite David vs Goliath reality match took place in California on 23 October 2010.

Humans tend to be impressed by visual image over inner fortitude. After all, it’s hard to measure hidden strength since that is not exposed.

Brock Lesnar. Some people see muscles. Others think they are just excess baggage.

So it was that the defending heavyweight champion of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) – a professional wrestler named Brock Lesnar – took on his considerably smaller opponent Cain Velasquez.

Looking at the two and their statistics, a betting man or woman would have placed their entire savings on Lesnar, a walking Goliath. Except that all those bulging muscles, if they are not put to proper use, are really just excess baggage.

So, if you want to see what a real David & Goliath struggle is all about – without trickery and where the David is actually beaten up before he finally triumphs – watch the epic battle below:

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