The 100 Card


Necessity, they say, is the Mother of Invention.

So it is with the current economic downturn, not helped by economic uncertainty and political unpredictability.

I know there is a recession and that it bites because Shanghai – which I have visited three times in as many months (and going up again in December) – the hotel rooms are about half price of what they were a year ago.

Restaurants and Food & Beverage outlets – whether in Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, and particularly Hong Kong – are struggling too.

They have to ditch the old formulas and come up with lower pricing and more choices if they want to survive.

If they don’t, they will stare closure in the face.

Next year, we are introducing a 100 Card to source for deals, privileges, and priority for you.

Watch this space.

Wishing you A Very Good Week Ahead.