Wine of the Week • 5 January 2022

Sterpi 2018

Flashback 1 February 2020. Visiting the home in Monleale of Walter Massa, the high priest of Timorraso, the ancient Piemontese white variety that he – together with childhood friend Osvaldo Forlino of No Menu Restaurant – helped save 1 January 2022. Savouring the single-vineyard Sterpi. After whole bunch pressed and maceration for two days, the juice is transferred to a stainless steel tank to settle. It is then transferred to another stainless steel tank and fermented with natural yeast over the period of a year. In November, buttonage will take place once every 15 days in the tank until July. In September, the wine will then be racked to another tank to await bottling. Sterpi 2018 is light gold in shine. Fruity – including citrus/apricot/tropical notes/minerality – intense, rich and fresh. One of Italy’s greatest, rarest, most delicious white wine.

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