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Americans who love French wine, Italian cheese and Single-Malt Scotch Whisky will be voting for Joe Biden

While no polls have been taken, it is safe to assume that la France is rooting for Joseph Robinette Biden to become the 49th President of the USA.

Not because on his paternal side he has French blood (Biden’s mother was Irish and his father of English, French and Irish descent). His paternal grandmother was named Mary Elizabeth Robinette.

Nor because Biden is Catholic.

It’s not even that the French (and many other people in the world) are incredulous that someone like Donald Trump can become president in the first place, and that Americans have to even consider for a moment of re-electing him.

It’s – depending on your outlook – more or less than that.

France’s preference for Joe Biden has to do with grape interest.

In October 2019, the teetotaller Donald Trump slapped a punishing 25% tariff on French wine, Italian cheese and Single-Malt Scotch Whisky.

People in those countries whose livelihoods are intertwined with those produce were, to put it rather mildly, pissed off. They remain pissed off (although not necessarily pissed).

Americans who find enjoyment, comfort, reassurance, and meaning of life in French wine, Italian cheese and Single-Malt Scotch Whisky will also be voting for Joe Biden.

Wishing you A Very Good Week Ahead.



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