Wine of the Day • 1 December 2020

 Located in the commune of Margaux, Chateau d’Issan has a history going back to the 12th Century

Chateau d’Issan 1982

A wine – like a song or person – does not need to be loud or full-bodied to be brilliant. On the contrary, delicate, subtle music and quiet – lean – people are often the most engrossing and captivating. It takes but a sensitive soul to detect, unravel and appreciate the hidden gem. D’Issan ’82 is one such wine. Not the most powerful or rich of the iconic vintage but incredibly poised, refined and thoroughly harmonious. Finesse from start to insatiable finish. Perfume of sandalwood, camphor, aged leather, autumn leaves and gentle freshness. Decanted but for about 30 minutes, another 30 more would had done it greater justice.

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