WHO cares?


The “Diamond Standard” of how to deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

WHO cares?

The World Health Organisation is meeting today – Monday 18 May 2020 – concerning the coronavirus pandemic.

It is a waste of time because WHO will not be considering the two most important issues about Covid 19.


The Cover-Up Party of China does not want the origin of the virus to be discussed at the conference.

This is like if after a fire has destroyed millions of houses and killed thousands of people, you don’t want to find out where the fire started. And how it was caused.

It’s also like if there had been a plane crash and the airline company does not want to hand over the Black Box to the ICAO or International Civil Aviation Organization.

China’s objection is really strange because it has been trying to say Covid 19 did not start in Wuhan.

What better way than to have an investigation to prove it did not originate in China?


The “Diamond Standard” of dealing with the coronavirus pandemic belongs to Taiwan.

For a population of 23.8 million, Taiwan has only 440 infected cases (Singapore, with 5.8 m people has 28,038 cases).

Although Taiwan is not recognized as a country, it has – with China’s approval – attended WHO conferences up to 2016 as an “observer”, and contributed to deliberations.

If today’s participants truly want to find out the best ways to deal with Covid 19, who better to learn from than Taiwan?

Unfortunately, Taiwan will not be there because China does not want it to attend.

Wishing you A Good Week Ahead.


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