Where to … Sleep • Hotel Du Lys

370-year old hotel in Paris

Hotel du Lys is a 370-year old hotel. A building, let alone a hotel, this old is very rare in Paris. Built originally in 1650, the charm is immediate as soon as you see it from the narrow street outside. Rue Serpente is just a 1-minute walk from Odeon Metro Station. If you arrive too early to check in, there’s a Starbucks and lots of other cafes as soon as you emerge from the train station.

The family of the present owners had bought the property – already then a hotel – about 70 years ago. The price of the room includes breakfast.

All around, there are cafes, restaurants, shops, groceries, and small supermarkets. Apart from the old world atmosphere of Hotel du Lys, the most abiding quality of this Parisian hotel is the warmth and friendliness of the proprietor and his staff. Check out the beautiful rooms and prices at www.hoteldulys.com.

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