UP-Chinese Wine at ProWein Dusssldorf

Next week Sunday 19 March 2023, I will be at the stand of UCW UP-Chinese Wine at ProWein Dusssldorf including tutoring a tasting. If you happen to be in Düsseldorf and are interested, come along to H14D38 👋 I share with you my answers to two questions from UCW 🤗

Question: As a wine journalist, you have published and written the publication 100 Top Chinese Restaurants of the Worldwhat do you think about pairing Chinese wines with different cuisine?

Answer: Enjoying Chinese wine with delicious food is a very natural thing. Just as I enjoy champagne, white and red wine with the food of any, and every, cuisine. I do not, when I drink French wine pair it only with French food; Italian wine only with Italian food; Spanish wine just with Spanish cuisine; New Zealand wine only with New Zealand food; or, German Riesling just with Frankfurter sausages. Enjoying wine with any cuisine is natural and how far we can go depends on our imagination, not the nationality of the wine. In fact, if the wine has a voice and can speak, the wine will tell us to please taste and drink it with anything we like. The wine is a friend, not a jealous enemy who wants to restrict our choices. I drink beer occasionally and enjoy a good beer on its own or with food, especially deep-fried snacks of every cuisine in the world.

Question: Last year, you hosted the opening ceremony of Ningxia exhibition at ProWein. After the Covid, what do you think audiences from all over the world would expect from Chinese wines at an international wine show like ProWein?

Answer: The world is a better place when people are able to travel anywhere they wish. So, ProWein is very happy to see as many wineries from throughout the world, including China. We only have one planet, the same earth we all live in.  There is no “Plan B” or “Planet B”. From my travels, especially to France and particularly Bordeaux, the winemakers, producers and wine loving public are very interested to taste and know more about Chinese wine. I find the same interest, curiosity, and thirst for knowledge for Chinese wine each year at ProWein Dusseldorf from visitors from around the world. I also detect the same growing interest for Chinese wine in Singapore from some distributors and wine lovers including many of my readers and followers.

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