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In 1823, George Smith applied for and received the first licence to distill spirit legally in Scotland

THE GLENLIVET was established in 1824 in Speyside. 

Prior to that, Founder George Smith had distilled his spirit illicitly. That may had been so but Smith’s whisky was admired throughout the land. And beyond.

So much so that in August 1822 when George IV visited Scotland on a charm offensive to win over his northerly subjects, the king asked specifically for The Glenlivet to be served. Never mind it was theoretically against the law to do so, but sovereign and his equally appreciative coterie and guests enjoyed the moon shine tremendously. 

When the Excise Act was passed in in 1823, George Smith became the first person to apply for, and received, the first licence to legally distill spirit in Scotland.  

It, however, took George Smith’s son Colonel John Gordon Smith eight long years in legal battle to have the court award the indenture in 1884 preventing other distilleries from taking unfair advantage of the “Glenlivet” name.

These distilleries were in the same parish as Glenlivet and had tried to exploit the fame of the original Glenlivet by adopting the name in order to confuse the consumers. The court ruled there is only one “The Glenlivet”.

Speyside is the Pauillac of Scotch Whisky.

The Glenlivet is certainly a First Growth of Speyside and Scotch Whisky. 

Whichever the cuvée or expression, you will experience fruit, intensity, elegance, finesse, complexity, and irresistible charm.

There is none other like The Glenlivet.

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