Tanqueray No. TEN

My favourite gin is Tanqueray. First distilled in 1830 by Charles Tanqueray in Bloomsbury, London, four botanicals are added during the second distillation: juniper, coriander, angelica root, and liquorice. Tanqueray is fruity, vibrant, and just rightly oily/glycerol. The London gin combines freshness and body in the same glass. Make sure the tonic water does not flood out the gin. Nor too many ice cubes. In fact, if both are cold, no ice is needed. In 2000, Tanqueray launched No. TEN. Both are 47.3% in alcohol. TEN refers to the fact it is made in Tanqueray’s number 10 still. The same is also afectionately referred to as “Tiny Ten” and was used for making experiments and trials. Apart from the same four botanicals as the classic Tanqueray, TEN has another four, namely white grapefruit, fresh lime, fresh orange, and camomile flowers. The juniper is less dominant in TEN and, as would be expected, it is more citrussy fruity but also with the right – not too heavy – glycerol texture.


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