Shape, Size and A Bit of Manipulation

Welcome to EDITION 724 of GRAPEVINE

The shape and size of a glass can open up or lock in the aroma and palate of a wine. 

Whichever glass we decide to use, its dimensions will be a constant.


While the glass we use is a given, how much or little wine we pour into that glass can affect its aroma and taste.

So, for example, if you need a larger glass but only has a smaller one, what you can do to open up the wine is to pour less of it into the glass.

You can even aim to stop pouring where the glass will give the wine the largest surface of liquid to air ratio, thereby ensuring the wine opens up to its fullest. This would apply to both white and red wine.

There is yet another trick you can employ.

To further accentuate the aromatic and palate profile of the wine, decant it ahead so that when it is poured into the glass, the wine will blossom and explode like a spectacular firework display on a New Year’s Eve countdown.

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I am very grateful to Town House– distributor of Riedel in Hong Kong – for the loan of their glassware.

Town House has a shop in Tsim Sha Tsui and in Central.

If you are in Hong Kong and looking for Riedel, check out their shops and their website at


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