President Donald Quack Trump


“Detergent will cleanse your body of the virus”, President Donald Quack Trump.

Donald Trump should make the ultimate sacrifice for the country he professes he loves so much.

The President of the US of A should put his mouth where his ego is.

Trump should purposely contract Covid 19.

He should then – as he had asked others to do – volunteer to be treated with the anti-malaria drug Hydroxychlorinebecause, as he has said so many times, “What is there to lose?”. Your life maybe.

If The Donald still survives that, Trump should then go up the next level of treatment he recommended last Friday 25 April 2020.

The most powerful man in the world should inject a cuvée of detergent comprising Dettol, Lysol and Clorox into his 73-year old obese body which is about 300 lbs or 135 kg.

The consequence of that is not difficult to imagine even for most Primary School child.

The President of the USA recommends you take these to cure coronavirus.

Because of the current lockdown in Washington D.C. (to be reviewed on 16 May 2020) a state funeral would be impossible.

Instead, Trump’s body should be embalmed  – no cleaning needed since the detergent would  wipe everything spotless – and then placed in a gold casket mausoleum in Washington.

The plaque should read:

His Favourite Food was Big Mac. His Number One Pastime was Television. Here lies The Dumbest American Who Ever Lived. Donald Quack Trump was the 45th President of the United States of America.

Wishing you A Good Week Ahead.


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