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Pandemic Update! One of the Highest in the World


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Per head of population, Singapore has one of the highest Covid infections in the world.

At just 5.5 million people – yesterday Sunday 19 July 2020 – the city state was 47,912 cases.

The USA – with a population of 325 million – was 3,712,604 cases.

America has 59 times more people than Singapore.

Accordingly, if the population were the same, Singapore would have the equivalent of 2,826,808 infections.

Brazil – the second highest total infections in the world –at 2,074,860 has 212 million people.

Brazil has 38.5 times the population of Singapore.

If the population were the same, Singapore would have the equivalent of 1,844,612  infections.

Taiwan – population 23 million – has just 451 cases.

Based on sheer results and effectiveness, it may not be a bad idea to contract out Singapore’s battle against Covid to the Taiwanese.

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  1. Singapore reports high numbers of Covid19 invections because it tests more of its population than any other country. Singapore tests anyone who sneezes and then all contacts. Singapore has proper good quality tests. The Americas use tests of doubtful effectiveness and only test where real symptoms exist. With the high number of asymptomatic infected people, it is likely that other countries such as USA and Brazil, Thailand etc. are dramatically under-reporting. I should expect under-reporting to be anywhere between two to ten times. Those western governments want to under-report so that they can open up businesses and improve their economies. I know where I would feel safest from Covid19 – and that’s in Singapore

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